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US Air Freight

US Air Freight


Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a company focusing on modern and innovative integrated logistics services, to provide domestic and foreign customers with the United States Air Transport, overseas warehousing, customs clearance, warehousing, port of destination foreign customs clearance (DDU/DDP) , International Transport Logistics Services and other professional comprehensive logistics services.


Service Advantage

1. Service professional: 24 hours a day to provide the United States Air Export one-stop service, from door-to-door pick up, packaging, customs declaration, commodity inspection, port of destination customs clearance, home delivery and other value-added services.

2. Simple procedures: the procedures are extremely simple, as long as the delivery to shangqi international logistics, the company door-to-door delivery/delivery of goods to Shangqi International Logistics Warehouse, received goods, immediately arrange export customs inspection process, your customers only need to receive the goods at the port of destination.

3. Low Price: Shangqi International is the first-hand makers of international air transport, with the major airlines have a long-term and stable relationship, can provide customers with the most favorable international air transport prices.

4.  Special Line service: the United States Special Line service, the shipment is stable, the price is preferential, the time effect is good, guarantees the service quality.

5. Enough Space: for you to customize the cost-effective U. S. Air Transport program, to ensure fast, professional and efficient, more for you to save international air transport costs.


Shangqi international logistics has accumulated valuable experience in U. S. air freight operations, according to the different needs of customers tailored to create affordable, fast and safe transportation. On the most effective way to timely feedback cargo information to customers, professional operation process to ensure that the customer consignment of goods throughout the worry-free!