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International Express


Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a company focusing on modern and innovative integrated logistics services, to provide domestic and foreign customers with International Express, Overseas Warehouse, customs clearance, warehousing, port of destination foreign customs clearance (DDU/DDP) , International Transport Logistics Services and other professional comprehensive logistics services. Shangqi international familiar with the three major international UPS, DHL, FEDEX operations, can be customized for customers more perfect, more high-quality international express logistics solutions.


Special packing requirements for Certain Goods:

1. Heavy or valuable articles such as pianos, ceramics and handicrafts should be packed in wooden cases.

2. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and other countries have strict requirements on unprocessed logs, or log packaging, which must be fumigated in the original exporting country, import of the goods shall be accepted by the importing country upon presentation of a recognized fumigation certificate.

3. In Europe, the wooden packing of pine trees stipulates that the goods must be imported with a certificate from the Quarantine Bureau of the original exporting country that the goods are free from pests.

4. The finished wooden furniture need not be fumigated.

5. Fragile items are best filled to avoid damage.


Shangqi international logistics in the international express operation has accumulated valuable experience, according to the different needs of customers tailored to create affordable, fast and safe transportation. On the most effective way to timely feedback cargo information to customers, professional operation process to ensure that the customer consignment of goods throughout the worry-free!