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FBA Head Trip

FBA Head Trip


Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a company focusing on modern and innovative integrated logistics services, to provide domestic and foreign customers with FBA shipping lead, overseas warehouse, customs declaration, warehousing, Port of destination foreign customs clearance (DDU/DDP) , International Transport Logistics Services and other professional comprehensive logistics services.


FBA shipping lead, Operation Flow

1. After the seller places an order with Amazon, confirm the warehouse number.

2.  FBA label and shipping mark shall be affixed to each carton (for the convenience of overseas colleagues) .

3. Deliver the goods to the nearest warehouse with packing list, commercial invoice and customs declaration (no customs declaration can be bought)

4. Shipment, customs declaration, export, shipment.

5. Customs clearance and duty payment upon arrival in Hong Kong.

6. Towing cabinets to Shanghai Kai International Logistics Warehouse, dismantling cabinets and distributing goods.

7. Pick up the trays at Amazon's request and return them to the truck company.

8. Truck companies book and deliver to Amazon.

9. Return to POD after delivery and complete.

10. Full tracking, one-to-one customer service to ensure the safety of goods. 


International FBA Japan Transportation Service

1. Trade Declaration, the traditional customs clearance adopts the commodity purchase price trade declaration method, according to the real commodity link sale price * 30% commodity purchase price declaration, avoids the customs counter-calculation risk. Do not stick size labels shipping, to the Shanghai Kai Overseas Warehouse sticker, that is, the goods can be temporarily stored overseas warehouse, free 15 days storage, Overseas Warehouse Delivery Amazon Warehouse!

2. Fixed tax rate, exemption from reverse calculation using a fixed tax rate settlement, tax rate approved with 10% of Japan's import consumption tax, customs duties only 30% of the true sales price of goods * fixed tax rate collection, reduce high tax costs, help domestic cross-border e-commerce occupy the Japanese market!

3. Faster time, more choices to support shipping, air transport, container, the whole cabinet, different tax rates mixed distribution of goods, according to different customer needs to develop a number of line options to better meet customer product delivery needs. Trade Clearance 40HQ requires less than 15 product names, a single product, more stable customs clearance, faster efficiency!

4. Self-operated warehouse, professional team Japan ukii international joint-stock company self-operated 20000M2 Osaka Nankongtokyo Overseas Warehouse, with professional Japanese customs clearance and warehouse management and Operation Team, in addition to customs clearance also provides overseas warehousing, Japan's domestic logistics transport, a hair generation, labeling, after-sales returns and other overseas warehousing services.


Shangqi International Logistics in the first FBA operation has accumulated valuable experience, according to the different needs of customers tailored to create affordable, fast and safe transportation. On the most effective way to timely feedback cargo information to customers, professional operation process to ensure that the customer consignment of goods throughout the worry-free!