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A Hair Replacement

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A Hair Replacement

A Hair Replacement


Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a company focusing on modern and innovative integrated logistics services, to provide domestic and foreign customers with international shipping, Air Transport, Express, overseas warehouse one-off, warehousing, Port of destination foreign customs clearance (DDU/DDP) , International Transport Logistics Services and other professional comprehensive logistics services.



Start International Logistics Overseas Warehouse one-piece consignment process:

1. customer order

2. domestic operation

3. export to destination country overseas warehouse

4. warehouse receive goods

5. quality inspection and storage

6. order processing (picking, packing, labeling, etc.)

7. terminal one-piece consignment

8. customer sign acceptance inspection

9. after-sales service customers only need to order on the shopping website, to deliver the goods to shangqi international logistics, we will provide a one-stop one-for-one service to help customers complete the follow-up order processing and delivery and other work.


Shangqi International Logistics in overseas warehouse one-off operation has accumulated valuable experience, according to different needs of customers tailored to create affordable, fast and safe transportation. On the most effective way to timely feedback cargo information to customers, professional operation process to ensure that the customer consignment of goods throughout the worry-free!