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Value-added Service

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Value-added Service

Value-added Service


Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a company focusing on modern and innovative integrated logistics services, to provide domestic and foreign customers with international shipping, International Air Transport, international express delivery, warehousing, Port of destination customs clearance (DDU/DDP) , can provide packaging, batching, tallying, warehousing, labeling, exchange and other value-added services.


The value-added service of shangqi international logistics refers to the related services extended on the basis of the traditional logistics business, so the value-added service business is closely related to the traditional logistics service. When the pure logistics service can not satisfy the customer's demand, the international logistics enterprise will seek the service content which is closely related with the logistics service to stabilize and develop the customer, but will never be separated from the original traditional business, therefore, the traditional business logistics and value-added services must be closely linked.


With the development of value-added services and the refinement of customers' requirements, the traditional logistics business will innovate the business content on the basis of the cross-connection with other business, it can not only meet the customers' individual needs, but also expand the innovative business channels, expand the value-added service and link up with other service industries.


Shangqi international logistics can be tailored to the different needs of customers to create affordable, fast, safe mode of transport and provide the corresponding value-added services. On the most effective way to timely feedback cargo information to customers, professional operation process to ensure that the customer consignment of goods throughout the worry-free!