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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance


If your FBA goods are detained by the customs in the importing country, in addition to the reasons caused by the products themselves, shanghai Kai International can help you to handle customs clearance, so as to avoid goods returned to the domestic production of high refunds.


Shangqi international logistics customs clearance has the following advantages:

1. Amazon FBA warehouse shipping clearance delivery, customers do not need to be registered in the country of import company

2. Own import and export rights, export agent for customers, import

3. Japan-us senior customs broker (japan-us customs broker has more than 10 years of customs clearance experience)

4. First Voyage Booking Counter Clearance Service, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shandong and Suzhou can book space

5. Japan bonded warehouse open single ticket list service, sub-ticket customs clearance more safe and fast


Dedicated to domestic and foreign enterprises export, Amazon, traditional B2B trade and other customers to provide the most convenient, the most worry-saving, more cost-saving shipping logistics services. Shangqi international logistics is extremely willing to do you worry-free partner, set sail for you escort, strive to be the industry leader!