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Shangqi International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. is a modern integrated logistics services company, mainly for customers to provide international express, international Air Transport, international shipping, Overseas Warehouse, international transport and personalized and innovative logistics services, such as professional comprehensive logistics services. The Japanese company is located at the home of the mayor of Shenzhen, Saitama Prefecture. The Shenzhen Company is headquartered at 103,1F, Building F, penglonpan high-tech Park, 11 Dafu Industrial Zone, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, office 303,3F, 512 e-commerce building C5, Zhonghao New Town, Longgang District. 

Mainly engaged in international air transport, international shipping and International Express Export Transport Business, on the opening of international logistics own Amazon FBA channels, able to deliver your goods quickly and safely to Amazon FBA warehouses in Japan, USA and Europe.

The main business scope: 

1, Japan Special Line Logistics Services: Japan Special Line is the international self-service R & D channel, can be engaged in Japan special line services logistics channels, for sales to Japan FBA bulk, business address, the whole cabinet and other prices more favorable, more efficient and stable dedicated line services. Mainly including, Japan Express, Japan Clipper, Japan General Ship, Japan Overseas Warehouse FBA Transit, Japan warehousing, container dismantling, Japan import and so on business, Japan line first-hand makers, independent operation of cross-harbour container booking space booking container clearance delivery services. 

2,Global Air and sea logistics services: Shangqi International offers Amazon warehouse services for sellers who have assembled Amazon FBA programs to transport goods from China to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. 

3, Europe Special Line: tax, double clear, time stability, price advantage, empty send reference time limit for 6-8 working days to sign. 

4, the United States Special Line: tax, double clear, time stability, price advantage, empty sent reference time limit for 6-8 working days to sign for. 

5, Japan Overseas Warehouse services: to provide overseas storage, exchange, inspection, re-packaging, one-off, return and exchange of goods services, Osaka, Tokyo both have warehouses, full coverage of Japan's FBA warehouse, respond to all kinds of problem piece processing, create product value maximization output, so that sellers have more models and problem solutions to respond to overseas markets.

6, We also represent DHL/UPS/FEX International Express service. At the same time, according to customer needs, provide customs declaration, warehousing, customs clearance overseas destination (DDU/DDP) , such as the exchange of overseas warehouse and other comprehensive services. 

7, An experienced, professional and highly qualified team, pursuit of excellence team a good incentive mechanism adhering to the“Integrity, pragmatism, responsibility, innovation” business philosophy positioning“For enterprises to provide professional logistics solutions,” the logistics company security, rapid, accurate, value-added freight forwarding services, choose the international, is the choice of high-quality logistics services!

8, Having its own network of agents and partners around the world enables it to provide import and export transport services. In addition to FBA cross-border e-commerce goods, traditional B2B traditional trade, project logistics international can provide a variety of transport services mainly include:

A) container sea, LCL sea, bulk carrier, ro/RO ship (door-to-door)

B) air transport (Door-to-door) 

C) LCL services 

D) customs and documentation services E-RRB- local operation and inland transpFrt 

E) local operations and inland transportation 

F) special counter and project transportation 

G) commodity inspection and cargo insurance 

H) transportation plan optimization J-RRB- system tracking and network supply chKin 

J) system tracking and network supply chain 

K) import and export clearance and licensing 

L) warehouse value-added services, inventory control, supplier management